First look at series 2 of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man on Sky 1

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Sky 1 have released a teaser trailer for the second series of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, starring James Nesbitt which is due to air early next year.

In the last series, Clayton (played by James Nesbitt) found a magic bracelet that brought him good luck. The bad news was that someone very nasty wanted it back and it almost cost Clayton his wife and daughter.

The magic continues, however in the brand new series and in a first look trailer released, Clayton is seen speeding down a motorway with DS Suri Chohan telling him that one day his luck will “run out”.

But, the mystery over the ancient bracelet heightens when Clayton bumps into a woman wearing an identical bracelet to him.

Towards the end of the clip, Harry Clayton can be seen tied up, with the woman telling him that they’re going to “have such fun” – is there more danger ahead?

Lucky Man is due to return to Sky 1 in the new year.

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