The Walking Dead: ‘Right Hand Man’ Official Season 7 Sneak Peek

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An official teaser has been released by AMC for the upcoming season 7 premiere in The Walking Dead. This teaser has created more controversy and hype among fans. If one good thing is to come out of it, it is that we now know for sure Rick was not killed by Negan in the opening scene.

‘Right Hand Man’. Will Rick lose his arm? I don’t think so. But having Negan drag Rick into the RV with a hatchet certainly made some people think that. However it wasn’t necessarily to lead us on. More so to create controversy among fans. In the comics the governor takes off Rick’s arm, so it is still possible that Negan may in fact chop off Rick’s arm. At a time when Rick and the group need be at their strongest, do we really want to see a storyline about Rick coming to terms with having no arm? I think not. This is just another clever ploy to get fans talking and hyped for the return of TWD.

We also see what looks like Daryl’s blanket on the ground. Is this yet another clue to Negan’s victim or just another ploy? A big blood stain appears on the right side of Rick’s face. This may be a big hint as to who the victim was, but knowing how The Walking Dead likes to mess with people’s minds this may be a dead end.

SPOILER TIME. Double death? Is it possible Negan killed two people? Yes. He talked about those that were left alive. However everything Negan says can make sense, whether one person, two or multiple people have been killed. Therefore this is just another theory that may or may not exist. It would certainly be a very interesting twist if Negan decides to kill off two of the group.

So did we get any clue as to who was killed? Negan makes a suggestion that he may have just killed Rick’s right hand man. But who could that be?

One spoiler floating around the net is that Glenn gets picked to face Negan’s bat and either Abraham or Daryl interrupts, Glenn dies, Abraham gets stabbed and Daryl gets taken away. This could easily link in with Daryl’s blanket turning up on the ground. So two of the group end up dead and ones faith is uncertain. This would certainly be a shock to many fans, however I personally hope Negan uses his bat and his bat alone. Not a knife or a gun to kill another victim. The link to the video is posted below.

So the return of The Walking Dead on October 23rd is sure to answer all our questions. It’s been long awaited among fans. Be sure to tune in to the special “The Walking Dead: Journey So Far”, which airs on October 16 on AMC. This is great for refreshing longtime fans memories. Meanwhile, it’s also good for new fans who have just discovered the show. It’s perfect for those who want to watch the premiere because of all the Negan buzz without binging it first.

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