Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Dee Kelly’s CBB Column: “We’ve got another Loose Woman in there!”

Oh my God, what a launch night that was. Emma, as usual, looked totally amazing and the crowd were on fire – get ready for the panto of boo’s, cheers and chants of “who are ya!”

Talking of panto – Christopher Biggins, wow, who doesn’t love our Biggins. The second it was rumoured he was going into the House, I knew he was a finalist right there.

Saira Khan – Yep, we’ve got another Loose Woman in there! I’m not sure yet how Saira will get on with all the other celebs, I think she will either be up there with the best or maybe fade away a bit into the distance – only time will tell.

Housemate three, Frankie Grande – Yep, that’s what I thought: “who are ya?!” He’s like an explosion of tinsel and glitter and a very typical American.

hms bach one

Ricky Norwood – Omg, I never saw that one coming – our very own ‘Fatboy’ from EastEnders! I absolutely love him and can’t wait to see how he gets on in the House. I really hope he’s as blunt as he is when he’s on the Bit on the Side panel.

Housemate five, Renee Graziano – holy baloney her VT scared the living life out of me – this is one ‘Mob Wife’ I for one wouldn’t mess with. I think she’s going to be a fab housemate and I’m going to watch out for the sneaky threats of “they will find you in the boot of a car if you nominate me”.

Marnie Simpson – Geordie Shore, really can’t see her doing as well as Scotty T last time, not my favourite ‘Shorer’ as I’m totally biased and love the bones off the amazing Ricci Guarnaccio – haha!

hms bach two

Housemate seven, James Whale, hmm, while the crowd booed I was secretly chuffed, I think Mr Whale will be the one this series who will stir the pot and then sit back and watch it all blow. He has strong opinions that not all of us will agree with but I do think that he is going to be the VILLAIN we all love to hate.

Aubrey O’day – Well I’m a big fan of all things celeb and I absolutely hated her on The Apprentice USA so I’m going to have to wait and see if my opinion changes in the Big Brother House – I doubt it will but we will have to see.

Housemate nine, Stephen Bear – aka ‘THE BEAR’. Well I haven’t got a clue who he is, and as first impressions go I just don’t like him.

hms bach THREE

Katie Waissel, she was on the X Factor, came across as a spoilt brat, fell out massively with Cheryl Cole (well that was her name then). Wasn’t a fan then so kind of hoping that she has grown up a bit and maybe, just maybe, she might grow on me.

Lewis Bloor, our TOWIE person, very full of himself, so far up his own…he probably can’t see the light. He didn’t make a great 1st impression on me.

Housemate twelve, Grant Bovey. Who I hear you say?! Well, he’s also known as the ex-Mr Anthea Turner, doesn’t have an amazing reputation and has been partial to bit of younger eye candy  so I guess he’s going to love it in the House. But, as he said in his interview, he has changed and I guess I will watch this space and maybe not judge him too severely.

hms bach four

Chloe Khan, I actually really like her, she seems very down to earth and has the biggest boobs I’ve seen in a long time – yep, even bigger than mine haha!

Housemate fourteen, Heavy D – Storage Hunter BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Heavy D is in the room and don’t we all know about it. I love Heavy D but I can see him getting on every single nerve of every single person in that House.

And last but by no means least, Sam Fox – the legend that is.  The original Page 3 girl and my god she looked totally stunning. She’s feisty and I hope she won’t take no cr*p off anyone.

hms bach five

So that’s all the housemates and I’ve got a feeling that this series of CBB is going to be one of the best ever.

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