Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Aubrey O’Day WON’T be kicked from Celebrity Big Brother over Hitler comments

Celebrity Big Brother bosses won’t be ejecting Aubrey O’Day from the House over comments she made about Hitler back in 2009.

The 32-year-old US reality TV star and former Danity Kane singer was appearing on Fox News in 2009, and agreed with a Congresswoman who had called Cuban dictator Fidel Castro “brilliant”.

“For someone who has met him [Castro], and worked for him when I was in Cuba… I’m not defending his behavior, but I do have to say and agree 100% he is a brilliant man and outlived tons of our presidents,” she commented.

When an incredulous Hannity asked whether she also thought Hitler “was a brilliant man”, she answered:  “Listen – I don’t condone Hitler one ounce, but yes he was a brilliant man.”

Channel 5 confirmed to DigitalSpy this evening that no action will be taken against Aubrey nor will she ejected as the matter was “dealt with” before she entered the House.

A spokesperson said: “The producers were aware of these comments before Aubrey entered the Big Brother house. She subsequently qualified her comments in an official statement and we consider the matter dealt with. If any offensive comments are made in the house, Big Brother will intervene and take appropriate action.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5.

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