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Big Brother baby shock: Alex Cannon had a CHILD before appearing on the show

Former Big Brother housemate Alex Cannon was keeping a very big secret while in the House, with that secret being that he has a child on the outside world.

It’s understood that Alex’s child was born just before he went into the Channel 5 reality show and kept it under wraps from the viewers.

Alex is no longer in a relationship with the baby’s mother, but he will take an active role in the tot’s upbringing.

A friend of Alex told The Sun newspaper: “Alex wanted to keep his family life private, which is why he didn’t go public about being a dad on the show.

“He told a few housemates in private but it wasn’t picked up by viewers as he was talking in code. He wants to be a great dad and has a good relationship with the baby’s mum.

“But becoming a dad was a reason why he held back taking his romance with Evelyn to the next level.”

During his time in the House, viewers seen Alex and Evelyn become close, with the pair even sharing a bed and having a snog once or twice. Perhaps Evelyn can take on the role of babysitter?

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