Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Andy came fourth and Jackson came third in the Big Brother 2016 Final!

Andy left the house to cheers and met Emma on stage.  When interviewed by Emma she asked Andy how it felt to finally be out.  Andy: “It was constant, I was nominated and nominated and nominated”.

Emma asked Andy how he mentioned on the way in that we would struggle without intelligent conversation.  Andy: “There were some good examples.  There was lots of conversations that were actually very interesting….I don’t need highbrow conversations but I just need conversations with people who like me…do I sound a bit arrogant and patronising?”

Emma asked Andy on how he was targeted by other Housemates. Andy: “There has to be an enemy in there…and I became that person…They are talking to me like I’m albert Einstein, I guess compared to other people in the house I was maybe a bit more educated”

Andy on being true to himself: “If you stay true to who you are it’s the best way to get the right friends”

Andy on Jason and Charlie: “I see a guy who is really struggling and he’s being strong”. Andy on Jason: “Jason is not an easy guy to shake…he’s earned my patience”.

When interviewed by Emma she asked about how emotional Jackson was in the House. Jackson: “Everything that I’ve learned…how I deal with situations, how I don’t deal with situations…you have to deal with the stuff that’s going on”

Emma asked Jackson if he found it hard to be himself in the House. Jackson: “For the first time in my life I could express exactly how I was”

On Georgina: “She is so beautiful…I love her”

Emma asked Jackson how he is in love after a few weeks. Jackson: “In there you see the best and the worst of a person in such a short time…and I saw everything of Georgina”

On the culture clash between Jackson and Georgina: “The way she spoke and her mannerisms…opposites attract”

Emma asked, what’s the plan? “I made a lot of promises in that house to her and I want to fulfil all of those promises”.

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