VIDEO: The Walking Dead season 7 trailer released

Finally the walking dead season 7 trailer is here, earlier AMC released a teaser trailer on Twitter but it was a scene we were all very familiar with. Negan getting ready to pick his victim, from the line of sweaty and teary-eyed characters. The brand new trailer for season seven gives us a look into whats ahead for the hit programme The Walking Dead, which is back in October.

The trailer has introduced us to new characters and communities, including the Kingdom and the new characters named King Ezekiel with a tiger by his side and Shiva.The trailer is unique, it shows each character followed by moments from their past. The flashbacks of each characters life in the show. It shows Negan in Alexandria, in control. However we are left with no more clues about who died at the hands of Negan’s bat. We know Rick wasnt killed as creator Robert Kirkman announced “It’s not Rick,” in response to a question from an audience member at Skybound’s “The Walking Dead” panel.

The trailer has long been anticipated, and it certainly lived up to its hype. The new trailer is exciting, thrilling and certainly a treat for any Walking Dead fan. It’s three minutes and six seconds long, which certainly isn’t long enough for fans like me. We will just have to wait until October to know for sure who Negan really killed, and find out how the group deal with this new loss. Also how the group will deal with the Saviors, who use other communities for resources by threatening and intimidating to get what they want. Negan certainly appears in the trailer quite a bit, so this shows just how important he will be in the new season.

Overall the new trailer is a great way to quench The Walking Dead thirst for all the fans, and we don’t have long to wait now, this trailer just gets everyone more excited and hyped for the upcoming season.

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