Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Mark Byron’s BB Column: “Jayne is absolute queen”

Thank god that Annihilation week is in the past! I found the entire week so very difficult to watch so I can’t even imagine what the housemates were going through.

Absolutely devastated that Ryan lost his place in the house! He was the most entertaining housemate in there from launch night. He was the full package and had more storylines than anyone else. All in all he was an incredible housemate and I’m not just saying that because he’s a friend of mine.

It was great to see his journey in the house and also to watch the public grow more and more attached to him. He got off to a bit of a rocky start but after a week or two the entire nation adored him…as did Hughie!

It was so refreshing to see a genuine gay relationship in the house. Although they are both very different people, Big Brother has a way of bringing chalk and cheese people together and that’s something I know about first hand! I just hope Ryan and Hughie are a bit luckier in love than I was with my BB ex but I’m certain they will be!

It’s so unusual for public perception to change this late in the game. Evelyn has become the alpha female and earned a lot of respect for her ability to see through Jackson’s bullshit. Jayne is absolute queen. I find her so entertaining and although she’s an older woman she absolutely holds her own in the house! It’s great to see her feeling comfortable and having fun!

I’m so over Jackson. I understand he wants to win nothing wrong with that but he thinks the entire viewing public are idiots! He thinks he can trick us into feeling sorry for him by moaning about his past, tough things he’s been through and those fake tears!

Jason is a broken man. If you’re gonna make big decisions that affect the house you need to have the bollocks to defend them. He’s gone so introverted it’s actually uncomfortable and even his little cronie Andy is getting sick of his act.

I’ve not been a fan of Andy but I’ve got to give him his dues he has delivered and although he’s brought negative emotion out of me at least he has brought some sort of emotion. He’s deserving of a place in the final over the likes of Jason and Jackson.

This may be Mark’s last official column but he’ll be back for one final time after the Big Brother final to reflect on this series.

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