Emmerdale Spoilers: Chrissie gets Andy arrested for the shooting of Lawrence!

Chrissie White will intend to get her revenge on Andy Sugden next week when she finds out that he has cheated on her. She will seek the opportunity to frame Andy when her son Lachlan shoots Lawrence.

There has been constant family dramas for the White family in the last few weeks and poor Lachlan is struggling to see a way out of his family troubles. But we will see a violent side to him as his family worries continue to take it’s toll on him.

He decides to commit a horrible crime that could land him to serious trouble, but to his surprise, his mum Chrissie sees this as an opportunity to frame Andy for the crime to protect Lachlan.


Chrissie’s plan is swung into action when she desperately tries to stop Lachlan being arrested so she decides to go to where the gun is hiding before the police get their hands on it. But however, Chrissie is thrown when she overhears Andy leaving a message on Bernice’s phone which indicates that the pair slept together behind her back.

This prompts Chrissie to make Andy pay for what he has done to her and she begins her revenge plan and it’s not long before it works as Andy is later arrested.

But it’s not long before Chrissie heads off to the hospital to visit Lawrence and when he wakes up, Chrissie urges Lawrence to keep the truth to himself and not report Lachlan for the crime. But is Lawrence willing to protect Lachlan and Chrissie?

Emmerdale airs these on Wednesday 27th July, Thursday 28th July and Friday 29th July on ITV.

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