Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Big Brother’s Jayne Connery taken to HOSPITAL after task goes wrong

Big Brother bosses were forced to call for medical assistance yesterday after a task they had set the housemates went wrong resulting in Jayne getting injured.

Tonight’s highlight show will see all the drama unfold when housemates are split into teams and told to build a bridge over the pool in the garden using materials provided by Big Brother.

Once their bridges were built, the teams then tried to balance over the pool for 90 seconds without falling in while being pelted by wet sponges and water balloons by the opposing team.

Jayne tried to balance on her teams bridge over the pool while being pelted when she suddenly lost her balance and went into the water after Jackson threw a wet sponge that hit her.

Housemates all help to get Jayne out of the water while Big Brother calls for medical assistance. As a precaution, Jayne is removed from the House and taken to hospital.

Big Brother then explains to the housemates that Jayne is fine and receiving expert medical attention off-site and that she’ll return to the House.

Big Brother airs these scenes tonight from 9pm on Channel 5.

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