EastEnders Spoilers: Lee has some explaining to do as Whitney is told she has Chlamydia

Delighted Whitney finds out that she is pregnant, but her happiness is short lived when a trip to the doctor’s leads to some shocking news. She has got Chlamydia.

With Lee already feeling the pressure and uncertainty of being a father this shocking news really takes its toll on him. After some deliberating whether he can go through with it or not, he feels that it’s right to tell Whitney his true feelings with the persuasion of Martin Fowler. But Lee thinks that Whitney should have a termination as he feels that this would be the best for both of them.

Lee decides to prepare a meal for Whitney where he will break the news to her, but the plan of telling her is thwarted when he finds that the abortion leaflet he had has gone missing and he instantly thinks that Whitney has taken it. But in fact it was his dad Mick who took it.


But the thought of upsetting Whitney worries Lee and he openly admits to his dad his fears. As Lee is trying to come to terms with potential fatherhood, Whitney receives a phone call from the doctor asking for her and Lee to come in.

When they arrive at the doctor’s they are faced with a big bombshell, the doctor reveals to Whitney that she has caught Chlamydia. Poor Whitney is then worried about the health of her unborn baby.

Lee has recently slept Abi who has also got Chlamydia and therefore with the upsetting news regarding Whitney and his unborn baby, will Lee admit everything to Whitney? How will Whitney react if she finds out the truth?

These scenes will be shown on Thursday 28th July and Friday 29th July on BBC One.

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