Coronation Street Spoilers: Michelle tells Steve she wants to try for a baby!

Steve and Michelle have had a rocky marriage, and over the last few weeks they have tried to get their relationship back on track and with the happy couple back together (at last!) Michelle sees this as a perfect opportunity to make their relationship even stronger by suggesting to Steve that they should try for a baby.

With Leanne Battersby pregnant, Michelle gives a helping hand to her when she starts suffering with severe stomach pains and therefore offers her support with a trip to the hospital to make sure that the baby is okay.

With Leanne sharing her happy baby news, it gets Michelle thinking about motherhood again as she wants a baby of her own and when she later returns to the pub, she tells Steve her wishes. But Steve is shocked at Michelle’s proposal and feels pressured to give her an answer.

With Michelle’s wishes, Steve decides he needs some reassurance so he heads off to see Dev to tell him Michelle’s proposal. But Dev is quick to question Steve’s reasons against not wanting to have a baby and tells him that if he loves Michelle he should respect her wishes.

After confining in Dev, Steve heads home to tell Michelle that they should try for a baby.

But one person who is against the idea is Steve’s mum Liz as she tries to make Michelle change her mind but she is shocked when Steve agrees to try for a baby.

These scenes will be shown next week on ITV.

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