Channel 4’s new show ‘Naked Attraction’ will see contestants completely strip off

Channel 4’s new series ‘Naked Attraction’ that starts next week will see contestants strip off as soon as they take part. Yes, worse than ‘Sex Box’.

The new show that’ll be presented by Anna Richardson will see a person looking for love (known as the ‘Picker’) choose from six potential lovers.

They will be able to see their potential lovers private parts from round one, meaning there’s no big reveal at the end and especially no shock for the people that are matched together on the show.

Speaking about the new series, Anna said that every time they revealed body parts in round one, “you see shock, you see the awe, you see the immediate embarrassment, but then you see the delight”.

She even revealed that she was asked to present the show in the buff, but refused straight away: “I made it absolutely, categorically clear right from the beginning that I was totally not taking my clothes off, doing a Keith Chegwin and presenting in the nude.

“I 100 per cent applaud and admire every single person that was on there, because I wouldn’t have the nuts to do that myself. I feel, like a lot of people, self-conscious about certain bits of my body, particularly my boobs, because I’m very heavy-chested.”

So, will the show be a success, will it be able to make couples or will it turn out to be another version of the highly controversial Sex Box? You’ll have to tune in from Monday July 25th at 10pm to find out!

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