Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Big Brother has played back nominations to the housemates and they’re not happy!

Yesterday, housemates nominated for the final time this series in the diary room. But, of course, there was a twist involved…

After housemates had finished nominating, Big Brother gathered them on the sofas to reveal who is now facing the final eviction this week.

After the reveal, Big Brother then shocked housemates by playing back everyone’s nominations on the screen in the House for everyone to see. Awkward.

After seeing who nominated who, some of the housemates start to question the individuals on their reasons for nominating, causing yet again, more tension.

Later on that night, Andy is talking about the nominations in the diary room; “Some of the nominations were a real eye opener, you never know what people are really thinking in this house!”

The result of the nominations will be revealed in tonight’s highlight show on Channel 5 where the public vote will open straight after the show.

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