Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Big Brother: Ryan Ashmore’s Eviction Prediction #5 & Annihilation week review!

We’ve seen Big Brother become dark and sinister this week and we seen Chelsea and Lateysha get Annihilated, but who will survive tonight’s eviction and won’t?

Tonight’s Big Brother will see the seventh housemate get the boot from the Big Brother house and into the welcoming arms of host Emma Willis.

But who will leave in tonight’s show? Ryan Ashmore is here for the next Eviction Prediction of the series and tells us who he think will be evicted tonight. But, remember, HOUSEMATES will decide who goes!

Emma Willis will enter the House live in tonight’s show and will reveal who the bottom three are of the public vote, before housemates choose who is evicted.

Hit the play button on the video below and make sure to comment who you think will be evicted tonight and also make sure to follow Ryan Ashmore on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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