Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Mark Byron’s BB Column: “Lateysha is gone and I am devastated”

As I write this column I am still reeling from the absolute horror show that happened last night. Never have I been on such a roller coaster of emotions in my life. We lost our star, our winner! Lateysha is gone and I am devastated.

Her eviction was so harsh, somebody with such incredible presence and energy should not be kicked out of the side door and her place in the house should’ve only lied in the hands of the public. The fact that the weasel of a man Jason chose to evict her just adds insult to injury. I honestly thought the great British public would’ve started rioting last night! Lateysha has managed to be the voice of reason but also the heart and soul of the party since day one. She was an incredibly well rounded housemate and a worthy winner. Even writing this I’m still so angry!

Jason is a snake, a true snake. He has acted the victim since day one, always acting so fair and so hard done by. If only we listened to Charlie. Villains always play the best victims and that’s why Jason had us fooled for so long.

Watching Andy perched on his shoulder like some sort of diseased parrot whispering into his ear made the whole thing so much worse. Andy is most definitely one of the worst housemates to enter the house. So self righteous, condescending and dark sided. Now Jason has joined his ranks the two of them are a match made in hell. I would expect more from two middle aged men.

The house is on egg shells. Nobody feels safe and truer colours are showing.

Jackson is protesting too hard and acting the martyr as he does so professionally. It will take more to win the show, although I’m convinced he’s already got the 100k spent.

Still loving Hughie, Ryan and Sam. The most fair and good hearted of all housemates in there. As long as Jason gets evicted on Friday to a chorus of deafening boos my faith in good triumphing over evil will be restored.

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