Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Big Brother’s latest money twist sees the House divided into rich and poor

Big Brother latest money twist has been revealed and housemates have another chance to steal cash from this years winners prize fund.

Currently, the prize fund stands at £80,000 after Jason chose to take £20,000 for himself and evict Lateysha from the House.

Now housemates much choose to live as either rich or poor housemates, with the rich automatically getting £5,000 each and luxury food until further notice.

Ryan, Alex and Jackson are the only housemates who choose to be rich. After exiting the diary room, these three go to the room labelled rich. The poor housemates go to the poor area.

However, as there are only two spaces, Big Brother asks Jackson to demote either Ryan or Alex to the poor area. Jackson decides to demote Ryan as he’s closer to Alex. Ryan joins the poor housemates.

Alex and Jackson are now £5,000 richer. They will live the life of luxury in the house until further notice. Big Brother announces to the housemates that £10,000 has been taken off the winners prize fund, bringing it down to £70,000.

Hughie, Jason, Jayne, Ryan, Sam, Evelyn, Laura and Andy are now the poor housemates and will live on basic rations, no hot water and will sleep in rags.

Some of the housemates question Alex and Jackson on their decisions. Hughie reminds Alex; “Last night you said you wouldn’t take money out of someone’s pocket…you’ve contradicted yourself!” Alex corrects him, and tells Hughie he said he would ‘not take £20,000’.

Meanwhile, In the smoking area, Evelyn tells Alex and Jackson that they have ‘both contradicted’ themselves. Andy reveals he is ‘surprised’ by Alex and Jackson.

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