Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Lateysha was evicted from the Big Brother House after latest Annihilation twist!

Big Brother: Annihilation week has reached the halfway mark but by no means is it’s sinister twists getting any easier on the housemates.

In tonight’s show, we seen housemates enter Big Brother’s deliberation room where they were faced with the chance to bag themselves a staggering £20k from this years prize fund.

But as this is Big Brother there was a twist, whichever housemate hit their button first and bagged the cool £20k would be faced with a serious decision.

Big Brother informed the housemates that the lucky housemate who scopes the cash would have to choose a housemate of their choice to EVICT from the House.

Jason managed to the press his button first and therefore won themselves the cash, with them choosing to evict Lateysha as a result.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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