Celebrity Big Brother 2018

‘Shocking’ Big Brother Annihilation week twist REVEALED!

Big Brother’s Annihilation week has got even more sinister, yet temping as he brought money into the game today, giving the housemates and opportunity to steal from the prize fund.

Earlier today, Big Brother called housemates back into the deliberation room where eleven podiums stood each with a red button.

Directly across from the podiums was a briefcase containing £20,000 from this years £100,000 prize fund.

Big Brother instructed housemates that they had a chance to steal the money, by simply pressing their buttons first before anybody else.

But, there was a catch; Big Brother added that whoever pressed their button first and stole the cash would face the decision to choose which housemate they wanted evicted.

Who pressed the button first and more importantly, who was evicted from the Big Brother House? Tune in tonight on Channel 5 to find out!

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