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Meet the people taking part in Channel 4’s new reality TV show ‘Eden’

Channel 4’s brand new reality TV show filmed over a year in the remote Scottish Highlands, Eden, comes to our screens this Monday.

The people taking part will get the chance to start again, take on the challenge of building a new life and creating a society from scratch. Together they will decide how they want to live as a community isolated from the rest of the modern world.

The show will be filmed by crew taking part in the actual series, as well as personal cameras that the contestants will each have themselves.

With no prescribed infrastructure, the group will take in with them only what they can carry and the basics needed to kick start their experience, including the tools of their trade. What they do and how they do it is up to them. The series will follow the groups’ journey as they debate their own rules and laws, decide if they want to live together or separately.

The cast that’s made up of chefs, doctors and vets entered ‘Eden’ in March this year and have been living away from modern society ever since, building their own community and basically starting again.

The full list of cast is as follows:

Ali (Junior Doctor, 24)

Andrew (Shopfitter, 34)

Anton (Rowing coach, 41)

Ben (Embedded crew, 37)

Caroline (Dog groomer & Shepherdess, 27)

Glenn (IT Consultant & Gamekeeper, 35)

Jack (Former Army Officer, 31)

Jane (Embedded crew, 42)

Jasmine (Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor, 24)

Jenna (Junior Doctor, 27)

Josie (Shop Assistant, 26)

Katie (Marine Conservationist and Artist, 30)

Lloyd (Locksmith and Fisherman, 37)

Matt (Embedded crew, 32)

Oli (Embedded crew, 37)

Rachel (Food Development Officer, 29)

Raphael (Carpenter, 55)

Robert J (Student, 26)

Robert P (Vet, 28)

Sam (Paramedic, 25)

Stephen (Chef, 26)

Tara (Life Coach, 33)

Tom (Outdoor instructor, 25)


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