Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Big Brother housemates DISGUSTED after someone steals £20k from prize fund

Big Brother Housemates are said to have been disgusted yesterday evening after the latest Annihilation twist seen one housemate steal £20k from the prize fund.

Housemates entered the deliberation room where eleven podiums stood each with a red button, directly across from a briefcase full of cash.

As one housemate claimed the £20k, they were left with the difficult decision of evicting one of their fellow housemates from the House.

The identity of the person who pressed their button first and who was the sixth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House will be revealed in tonight’s show.

However, the rest of the housemates were disgusted by the decision of one housemate and an argument ensues. Housemates discuss the outcome of the latest Annihilation hit, some are upset

Andy, the only housemate who was immune from the annihilation eviction, is in the diary room talking about his housemates; “I think they’re angry that an ally and a friend has gone…they were furious…”

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