Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Joel Williams BB Column: “Hughie is still my favourite, totally genuine and most importantly entertaining”

What a week – Annihilation week!

Who’d have thought that Big Brother would embark on something even bigger than last years 4 in 4 out?! Well, they just have and it promises to be as entertaining as ever.

The last week in the House has been interesting to say the least. Lets start off with Friday’s eviction. Charlie should not have been evicted. I’ve spoken to her since her eviction and find her to be a genuine individual with a heart of gold.

Chelsea should have been evicted last Friday.

In terms of Emma’s ejection from the House, that was fair of Big Brother, you can’t keep running out and then expecting to come back in. Thinking back to my time in the House, there was one occasion, which wasn’t aired, when Nick and I went for a little 3:00am run around the camera runs. It was exhilarating and fun although we did get absolutely rinsed by Big Brother for doing it!

Hughie is still my favorite, totally genuine and most importantly entertaining. I really hope Hughie makes it to the final. Ryan is also entertaining and bounces well off of Hughie.

Andy; really gone off Andy and his game playing techniques are beginning to become transparent.

Have to say there’s something I don’t like about Jason. Don’t know what it is and I can’t put my finger on it.

I’ll tell you who I’m really getting to like and really am rooting for is Lateysha. Can really see Lateysha making the final and I hope so too.

In terms of Annihilation week, can’t see Evelyn and Laura lasting. Reckon they’re going to be a victim to Big Brother’s Annihilation week. We’ll just have to wait and see who else goes.

That’s all this week – short I know, but holding a lot back until next week when I can comment on the full extent of Annihilation week.

Thanks again for reading – Joel!

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