EastEnders: Ben Mitchell DIES after being involved in HORRIFYING accident

A horrifying and explosive storyline is on the horizon in EastEnders that will affect the Mitchell family, leaving them all devastated.

After being involved in a horrific accident, Ben Mitchell will be left FIGHTING for his life in hospital after he sustains critical injuries.

When Phil is told that Ben has been admitted to hospital following an accident, he heads to A&E with Ben’s half brother Ian and Steven to find where he is.

But, sadly Ben doesn’t make it through and he dies in hospital as a result of his injuries leaving behind his family and his new lover Paul.


After learning of his sons death, Phil is brought to wait at the hospital mortuary along with Ian to identify Ben’s body with DC Angie Rice preparing them for the task.

Meanwhile, Shirley is left to comfort Kathy when she learns that Ben has died, as she falls to pieces grieving the loss of her son.


Ben’s lover Paul is leaving EastEnders soon, which will no doubt leave fans speculating if Paul is connected to Ben’s death or he dies too.

Ben Mitchell’s death and the aftermath will be aired all next week on BBC One.

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