Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Big Brother’s Andy West IMMUNE from being evicted as Annihilation week continues

Andy West has had a lucky streak in the Big Brother House as he is now IMMUNE from being evicted during Big Brother’s sinister Annihilation week.

Yesterday, Big Brother called housemates back into the deliberation room where instead of another housemate being evicted, they were told to guess what the public thought of them in an online poll that was ran on the official website.

Housemates were first asked who the public thought was the most forgettable in House, with the majority saying Jason. However, Big Brother revealed that the public in fact thought Alex was the most forgettable.

Andy was voted by a majority the biggest game player in the House, with Big Brother saying that the public also agree with the housemates’ decision.

The final question put to the group was who they thought was the least genuine. A majority said that Andy was the least with Big Brother revealing that the public actually thought that Ryan was the least genuine.

Later on, Big Brother split the housemates into two teams where they had to target a housemate. One team targeted Jayne while the other targeted Andy.

However, they were all unaware that whoever they targeted would have the chance to gain immunity for the Annihilation week evictions.

The housemates were given time to deliberate and chose either to give Jayne or Andy immunity from eviction. They chose Andy. Therefore, Andy will NOT be going anywhere this week.

Big Brother airs these scenes tonight from 10pm on Channel 5.

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