Emmerdale Spoiler: Robert Sugden teaches Ryan a lesson!

Robert Sugden is up to his old tricks again when he captures Ryan and the scheming teenager is thrown into the boot of Robert’s car and is taken for a ride to the forest.

Ryan tries to persuade Robert to let him go as he is scared of what may be about to happen to him next but Robert doesn’t back down. Robert is trying to clear his name and not get sent to prison but it’s not that easy. Ryan then demands money from Robert.

But Ryan is in serious debt and owes money. Later Robert agrees to pay him money on the basis that he never returns to Emmerdale again!

Ryan takes the money and escapes and Robert is relieved that he will no longer blackmail him, but all is not as it seems as unknown to Robert, someone has witnessed everything.

Who has witnessed Robert’s actions, will they spill the beans?

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