Coronation Street Spoiler: Leanne breaks the news to Simon that she’s pregnant

Upcoming Coronation Street scenes that will air next week on ITV will see Simon Barlow become worried after noticing a change in Leanne’s behaviour.

Worried that Leanne may have cancer, Simon eventually reveals his fears to Amy Barlow, confiding in her while looking for advice.

Simon confides in Amy
Simon confides in Amy

Simon’s worries that his mum may have cancer are soon shut down when Leanne decides to tell him the truth after being assured by her doctor that the baby is OK.

While worried herself about how Simon may take the news that she is pregnant, she plucks up the courage and decides to go through with telling him.

As Leanne sits Simon down and reveals to him that she is pregnant and that he’ll have a new brother or sister, he’s left stunned.

These scenes will be aired on ITV on Wednesday 20th July and Thursday 21th July 2016.

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