Coronation Street: David and Bethany break the news of Kylie’s death to Sarah

Upcoming Coronation Street scenes will see David and Bethany Platt visit Sarah in hospital, dreading of how they will tell her that Kylie has died.

As viewers know, Sarah has been admitted to hospital after suffering psychotic episodes and is currently in a mental health unit.

When David and Bethany arrive to visit Sarah, they are forced to break the news that Kylie has tragically and suddenly died, but it doesn’t go as they planned it would.

After Sarah learns of Kylie’s death she starts to become jittery and tells David and Bethany that she is certain Callum Logan had something to do with her death.

With Sarah still convinced that evil Callum is still alive and looking for revenge (even though his body has been found) how will this effect the Platt’s?

Coronation Street airs these scenes on Wednesday 20th July 2016 at 8pm on ITV.

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