Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Big Brother’s Annihilation week is here and its twisted details are REVEALED!

Big Brother’s Annihilation week has begun and the bombshell has been dropped on the housemates today that nobody is safe.

With housemates intrigued yet scared about what’s to come over the next week, all their faces on the screens in the living room turned red.

Big Brother explained: “Big Brother has some important news.Housemates, your time in the Big Brother house is about to change forever.

“Today, an unprecedented annihilation begins putting each and every one of you at risk of eviction.”

While everyone was shocked, Big Brother continued:”Housemate numbers will be decimated but there are no public votes, who survives is down to you.

“Over the coming days, Big Brother will set a number of tasks that you will all take part in. All will end with the most serious consequence of all for one person. Whoever survives will be a significant step closer to being the winner of Big Brother.”

Big Brother finally concluded, telling the housemates: “You are now all bidding for your own survival, who will you choose to annihilate? Big Brother will get back to you.”

The housemates will be evicted throughout the week as part of Big Brother’s sinister twist, but they won’t know when it’s coming and won’t leave through the front doors.

Instead, they’ll be taken through the camera runs and down a short hill to the Bit on the Side studio where Rylan will give them their first official interview.

Big Brother continues tonight from 9pm on Channel 5.

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