Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Mark Byron’s BB Column: “Andy for me is the worst of the bunch”

Absolutely loving how the dynamic in the house has changed! It was definitely for the best that Georgina was given the boot last week.

This weeks task has definitely been a tough one. On the one hand you’d want to just be selfish and press the buzzer but on the other hand you don’t want to been seen as selfish by your fellow housemates and the voting public!

It was great to see housemates get messages from home and genuine interaction with loved ones but I do feel it’s way too early for all that! They’ve only been away from home for 4 weeks! I know people who go to Marbella for longer!

Lateysha and Jackson’s video messages were so heartwarming and genuinely made me a little bit emotional.

Andy for me is the worst of the bunch. He’s so condescending and an intellectual snob! He’s so self righteous and puts himself on such a pedestal. I found his boyfriends proposal to be totally insincere and unromantic, I would be absolutely livid if my boyfriend (not that I have one) proposed to me on live television.

His attack (yes attack) on Hughie and Ryan was sickening to watch. He tried and failed to make them look like villains when all they were doing was having a bit of fun and lightening the mood of the house! If he said ‘stoned to death’ once, he said it 100 times. He didn’t have a leg to stand on in his argument. They weren’t making light of gay marriage, I feel it was quite the opposite.

This week Chelsea is out for me. He’s run his course and has little else to offer. I’m a big fan on his nemesis Jayne so it will be great to see her relax!

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