Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Joel Williams BB Column: “Chelsea is playing a game and I don’t like it”

Okay where do I start?! This week in Big Brother has been incredibly busy, in some ways it’s been hectic.

Okay let’s start with the eviction on Friday. Georgina was a great housemate – from the start of her time in the house. However as time went on, Georgina was causing more harm than good to herself, in my view. The longer Georgina remained in the house the more external damage would occur.

Saying all that, I liked Georgina; I felt she was a genuine individual. Her relationship with Jackson did not benefit her though.

Leading on to Jackson – I had positive vibes at launch night about Jackson- these have now dwindled. Relationships in the house are entertaining for the viewing public but if they fail then it becomes a whole new ball game.

Evelyn and Laura have been entertaining for the past week, they’re by no means my favorite housemates, but I do like watching them.

Emma is beginning to shine through – genuine housemate, would like Emma to go far.

Alex is a lovely gent however he is still playing it too safe at the moment. In order to win Big Brother we really must see a rawness that is greater than others. Currently I can’t see Alex being nominated so in many ways he’s playing a good game.

Hughie – still one of my favorites. Ryan has also grown on me this week.

Chelsea is playing a game and I don’t like it. Chelsea is the sort of housemate that would really grate on me if I were in there. In some ways I really hope Chelsea is nominated.

On to Charlie and Jason – interesting storyline. Have to say I like Charlie, after meeting her at my audition 18 months ago I found her to be genuine and interesting. I’ve never met Jason personally so I can’t comment fairly, however I do have a gut feeling that there’s more than meets the eye to Jason.

Oh yes, how could I forget Jayne. Certainly been quieter over the last week and that’ll do Jayne good. I have a liking for Jayne – hope it pays off.

In summary my top three: Hughie, Emma and Alex

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