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Lorraine show interupted after toddler SCREAMS the studio down!

This mornings Lorraine show on ITV was a little livelier than usual and quite noisy too after a toddler appearing on the show decided to throw a tantrum live on air.

The toddler was on the show today with her mum and twin sister to promote being fit if you’re a mother with small children.

As Lorraine was trying to get on with the show, however, the child decided to throw a massive tantrum, resulting in Lorraine rushing over to comfort her.

Lorraine tried her best to handle the situation well, still keeping in mind though that the show was still live on air.

She ran over to the screaming toddler saying: “Oh, darling, it’s okay,” she said as she goes to comfort her young guest. It’s alright, it’s not so bad.”

The child and her twin sister were not brought back on camera again after the tantrum, but Lorraine assured viewers that they were absolutely fine.

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