Coronation Street are killing off THIS character?!

Huge news coming out of Weatherfield tonight regarding the future of Kylie after Coronation Street released a teaser trailer of what’s to come.

As we already know, Paula Lane who plays Kylie Platt on the ITV soap has decided to quit the show for good and Corrie bosses will killer her off.

The details of how Kylie dies are being kept under wraps by ITV as they want viewers to watch the events unfold on screen.

What we do know is that Kylie is uncomfortable about letting an innocent dead man take the wrap for a crime she committed. She suggests the family leave Weatherfield once and for all and put the events of the past year behind them.

But, it’s still unclear how it goes from Kylie leaving Weatherfield and starting a new life with her family to tragically dying and leaving her kids behind.

Paula Lane has spoken about these emotional upcoming scenes and said: “It was very emotional to film the scenes knowing that I would never return and her death has huge consequences for David and all the family.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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