Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Mark Byron’s BB Column: “Georgina and Jackson are just dreadful together”

Officially my favourite series of Big Brother ever!

I am a total super fan and I’ve watched every series since I was 10 years old but I’ve never been so hooked on a series so early in!

The mixture of drama, romance, twists and turns is just perfect for me. I loved my series so much but I think I would’ve been better suited to this one!

Ryan and Hughie are such a great couple, even though they bicker they have each other’s back completely. There’s nothing toxic or bitter between them and they genuinely make each other happy. As Ryan is a friend of mine I’ve withdrawn my crush from Hughie and I’m very happy for them. However the whole ‘you’ve got it all over me’ scene absolutely turned my stomach (I’m such a prude). Wait until you’re out of the house before you start playing with your Blackpool tower Ryan!

Georgina and Jackson are just dreadful together, a match made in hell. Both of them are so weak and insecure it’s hard to watch. She stings him like a cobra and seems to take pleasure in it. Sad to say but I can relate to their relationship more than I’d like to. Georgina is so insecure she fails to believe that anyone could find her wonderful or magical the way Jackson does. All he wants is to make her happy and put her on a pedestal but she probably thinks he has an evil agenda. I’ve been in that exact same boat and my advice to Jackson would be to jump ship before you get your heart broken because trust me, it’s not a good feeling. People like Georgina and the person from my past should absolutely resolve their personal issues before letting people fall in love with them because it’s cruel and sadistic and Jackson will just end up like a wounded puppy.

I don’t understand why people are so against Sam! Sam is a good friend of mine and he is genuinely one of the sweetest, funniest and nicest guys I know! It was hard to see the house turn on him so easily it was just crossed wires on his behalf and they should’ve realised that. I don’t want him to cry anymore!

Eviction prediction this week; Georgina! Get her out. She even said it herself she feels like she’s wasting time being in that house. Once she goes Jackson and Evelyn can finally flourish together, if not romantically then just in a fun and playful way!

Until next week…


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