Hollyoaks Spoiler: Diane is warned by Freddie not to expose his affair with Marnie!

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Freddie Roscoe has got himself into a little bit of trouble recently as he has been playing both Ellie and her mum Marnie. But his secret affair with Marnie may not be a secret for much longer if Diane Hutchinson has her say.

Diane knows about their secret affair and Freddie is determined not to let Diane expose them, so he pays her a visit and warns her off.

Diane knows that if she spills the beans it could do some serious damage so she therefore takes advantage to make it easier for her and Tony at the restaurant. She grabs the opportunity of holding this against Marnie as there could be a chance of her and Tony getting the restaurant back.

She puts her plan into action and warns Marnie that she will expose the secret if she carries on being nasty towards her and this leaves Marnie no choice but to do as Diane says. But Marnie soon snaps and loses her patience.

Marnie knows that she must do everything she possibly can to stop the secret being revealed and therefore summons Freddie to speak to Diane. But his confrontation doesn’t diffuse the situation and Diane knows she has them both where she wants them.

Will their secret affair be exposed? These scenes will be shown on Thursday 23rd June at 6:30pm on Channel 4.

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