The Voice UK: Week 4 of blind auditions recap!

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Week 4 of The Blind Auditions have happened already and another group of wanabee popstars have performed for the coaches but who impressed and who didn’t?

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

First up was 17-year-old Aliesha Lobuczek from Birmingham. She sang “Break Free” and impressed the coaches as Ricky, George and Paloma all turned. Paloma said that her voice was “really lovely” and Will.i.am said that she was fabulous even though he didn’t turn around. In the end she chose Paloma Faith as her coach.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

Next up was The Dublin City Rounders, two brothers from Ireland. They sang “Blank Space” but there performance was ‘too comical’ as no coach turned.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

Next up was Alaric Green, a 21-year-old rock club bouncer. He sang Broken Vow by Josh Groban and both Will.i.am and Ricky turned and battled it out to add him to their teams. But he chose to go on team Ricky.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

Tim Baldwin was up next. He sang I’m Yours by Jason Mraz but unfortnately he didnt get any turns.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

21-year-old Faheem had his chance to impress the coaches and after a few seconds of singing Will.i.am turned but not long after Ricky also turned and both coaches had to pitch to impress him. After some deliberation he opted to go with team Will.i.am.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

Sammy-Jo took to the stage next. The airport engineer sang a country song but it didn’t impress the coaches as they failed to turn for her.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

J Sealy was up next with his version of “The First Cut Is The Deepest” and he only managed to impress one coach and that was Boy George who was delighted he had managed to add a another act to him team.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

Steve Devereaux – a former voice over artist in Chuggington impressed Paloma Faith with his voice as she was the only one to turn and she was delighted to have the 60-year-old on her team.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

Lester Preston took to the stage and he gave an emotional performance of Robyn’s Dancin’ On My Own. But he didn’t connect with the judges as none of them turned and he was devastated.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

70-year-old Valerie Bacon had the opportunity to shine on the stage. She sang “You’re My World” but was left disheartened as no coach turned for her.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

It was time for Heather Cameron-Hayes to sing for the coaches. The 16-year-old sang a David Bowie cover that impressed Ricky and George. But George was surprised when she opted to go with him over Ricky.

BBC / Wall to Wall / Guy Levy

Last but no means least, former Liberty X band member Kevin Simm closed the show with his version of “Chandelier” which gave Paloma Faith goosebumps and his voice was that good every coach turned. But who did he choose as his coach? He Chose Paloma Faith.

So that’s the roundup of Week 4 of The Blind Auditions and it was another tense round.

Tune in next week to find out what happens in Week 5. The Voice UK features on BBC One evwey Saturday.

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