Coronation Street tackles modern slavery in gripping new storyline

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Next week on Coronation Street will see the start of a gripping new storyline that will tackle modern slavery in the workplace.

Polish teenager Marta will be discovered hiding in the Underworld factory and it’ll emerge that she is being kept as an unpaid worker by its most important clients, Richie and Julia O’Driscoll.

Eva will discover Marta hiding behind boxes in the factory next week and is puzzled to hear her story. Marta tells Eva she fears for the safety of her family in Poland if she attempts to escape. And Eva realises exposing her plight could leave Underworld, and owner Carla Connor (Alison King), ruined.

Source spoke about the new storyline and said: “This is going to be a very difficult subject to tackle but it has been in the news and sadly is not as uncommon as people might think.

“Obviously, Coronation Street tries to tackle difficult subjects and has done storylines about serious illnesses and violence before. But this is the first time slavery has appeared.”

Eva will be left with a tough decision next week; Tell Carla what’s happening and face the factory getting its reputation ruined or keep it under wraps.

Coronation Street airs on ITV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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