Premium pay-TV platform ‘Sky Q’ is available from February 9th!

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The all new and completely reimagined Sky TV is bigger than ever, and more expensive then ever. “The biggest reimagining of Sky in our history” is what the broadcaster is saying about their new product. Must be big, eh?

Sky have promised brand new features to Sky Q – including a new UI. Of course with all these features comes a very costly price… For the standard Sky Q box, you’ll have to pay a £99 install fee plus £42 every month.

If you want more from the new Sky box, you can choose the Sky Q Silver package and pay £54 per month plus installation. Don’t forget that this is still without the Sky Movies & Sports channels…

All access content on Sky Q will cost £88.50 per month. That’s including all the Sky Movies and Sports channels plus multi TV pause and play features.

Is the price increase worth it? Well, Sky have designed a brand new interface for their Sky Go services too that includes 4k quality.

If you’re an unhealthy TV addict and like to record ALL the soaps that are on your TV, the days of having to cancel a recording because it’s clashing with another is well and truly over – unless you want to record more than 4 shows at the same time.

One thing that Sky have continuously stressed is that the brand new Sky Q box isn’t an update for their current Sky + HD boxes, instead it’s just the more fancier and expensive new premium TV platform. Simple.

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