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First look clip and behind the scenes news from Channel 4’s The Jump

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This Sunday night sees the return of TV’s favourite competitive celebrity winter sport series, The Jump. Twelve celebrities hit the Austrian alps will compete for the title of 2016 champion.

Week 1 will see the fearless celebs take on the skeleton bob. It’s been a bumpy ride for some of the stars in training. Louisa took a big hit on one of the fastest corners of the course. She managed to stay on but ended her race in tears. Will she find the courage to push through for the final run?

Arg thought he was going to love the skeleton, but the Essex boy found he hated it from his first run and came completely off his skeleton after letting go on his second run down the course. After that he was very unsure about going down again, but overcame his fears and managed to get down safely after that in training.

Arg said: “First week of training…I’m not gonna lie, there has been so many ups and downs. I was excited and up for the challenge but the skeleton knocked me for six. After sleepless nights, flashbacks, bruises and cuts I’m now happy to put the skeleton behind me and concentrate on the jump.”

Meanwhile, speed-freak Sarah Harding loved the skeleton and wanted to go even faster. Could she be leader of the pack for her final run or could one of the other celebrities take the first win of the series?

The celebs and the bottom of the leaderboard will face The Air Jump on Sunday night’s live show. If the Ski Jump is a long jump then think of The Air Jump as a high jump. But this jump isn’t about the landing – it’s about the speeds reached on the in-run and the amount of height you are able to achieve. The aim is to get as much height as possible by jumping off the 4 ½ meter kicker and landing safely into a giant airbag.

It will take skill, daring and athleticism to successfully pop off the kicker and gain the air and height needed to stay in the competition.

The Jump starts Sunday 31 January at 7:30pm on Channel 4

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