Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Tonight’s CBB is not to be missed! Here’s what’s coming up

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Last night Gillian entered the house on a mission to rid housemates of their toxicity. Tiffany, Scotty T, John and Stephanie were sent to spend the night in the Gillian’s detox clinic.

Gillian spends the day reassessing the housemates to decide who is toxic and who is pure.

In the detox clinic, the toxic housemates advise Stephanie to have some time apart from Jeremy, and to put her energy into herself. She agrees.

Gillian returns to the house, and asks the toxic housemates if they ate clean. Stephanie admits that she did not eat clean. The toxic housemates are asked to take some exercise in the garden.

In the living area, Gillian asks Danniella to tone down her swearing.

Next, Gillian asks housemates to sort through the food in the kitchen, and create a pile of raw foods. Danniella and Stephanie sneakily eat biscuits.

Tiffany gets busted in the garden having a cigarette, and tells Gillian she will stop smoking once she has finished her packet of cigarettes.

In the living area, Gillian asks the housemates who would be willing to stop smoking. Apart from Danniella and Stephanie, the other six housemates confirm they would be willing to stop smoking. Danniella comments, “It’s too stressful in here not to have a cigarette.”

Gillian talks to the pure housemates in the house. Danniella thinks she’s stubborn, and explains that the Stephanie and Jeremysituation is ‘infuriating’. Jeremy confirms that he is stressed over the Stephanie situation.

It’s now time for Gillian to inspect the stool samples.

Big Brother announces that the store room is now open for the housemates to collect refreshments. Stephanie and Tiffany cheer, and the pair start drinking the prosecco.

In her office, Gillian is inspecting the toxic housemates’ stools. She believes Scotty T’s stool looks like a ‘wonky pretzel’ and he produced the largest stool.

In the kitchen, John warns that there might be a consequence for Stephanie as she is drinking alcohol; however he won’t tell her what to do. Stephanie wants a drink as, she says, “I could go on Friday!” Darren advises she should do what’s best for her. Stephanieand Tiffany continue to drink the prosecco.

Gillian calls the toxic housemates into her office to discuss their stool samples. She reveals that none of them produced a ‘perfect poo’. Gillian confirms that Stephanie produced a stressed, and the ‘smelliest poo’.

Stephanie reveals to Gillian that she has drunk alcohol tonight, Gillian is disappointed. Tiffany confirms that this has been a ‘humbling experience’, however feel her housemates ‘mock her’.

After reassessing all the housemates, Gillian announces that Stephanie, Jeremy, Darren and Tiffany are now the four toxic housemates and will be staying in the detox clinic.

Darren is not happy, and tells Danniella, “I’ve had enough of this b*llocks! Give me a break.”

Big Brother announces to the house, that the pure housemates: Danniella, Gemma, John and Scotty T will now nominate in the diary room. The nominations result will be revealed in tonight’s show.

Tiffany is annoyed by the nominations result, and confirms she is ‘ready to go home’.

The toxic housemates are asked to go to the detox clinic, but Stephanie calls out, “I’m not going in! I’ve given you more entertainment then anything you could wish for!”

In the kitchen, Danniella is talking about Stephanie to Gemma and John, “She won’t ever work again when she’s come out of here. I love her dearly; I’ve been that girl that has self-destruct. I feel sorry for her.”

In the bedroom, Scotty T tells Tiffany to ‘calm her ass down’, the pair laugh.

Stephanie says to Tiffany that the ‘boring ones on Celebrity Big Brother always win’.

Jeremy is the only toxic housemate to follow Gillian’s instructions to go to the detox clinic.

Tiffany is still raging in the garden; Scotty T reminds her ‘it’s only a game’.

In the living area, Stephanie announces that this house is crazy and boring, and is sending her crackers. Danniella observes her crazy manner, and tells her, “You will never work again off the back of this show.” Stephanie disagrees, and is hurt by Danniella’s comment, “Never speak to me again after this.”

An unhappy Stephanie comes to talk to Big Brother in the diary room, “Where’s Jez please? I am leaving right now. I’m not doing this anymore.” Big Brother asks her to take a breath and to sit down.

Stephanie covers the camera with her hand in an attempt not to be filmed, and then leaves the diary room to join Jeremey in the detox clinic. Big Brother asks her to return to the diary room, and security is asked to calm the situation.

In the living area, Danniella says that she just wants to go home, and John comments it’s upsetting. Danniella continues to say that everyone is concerned for Stephanie, John agrees.

Stephanie joins Jeremy in the detox clinic, she tells him, “Danniella went I will never work again after this show. Laughing in my face! I want to go now!” Jeremy tells her that he will back her up, she says, “I only want to be with you.”

The pair speaks to Big Brother in the diary room; Jeremy explains that he thinks Stephanie has had enough and is not happy, and that he would walk out with her. The pair says that they’ve both had a great time in the house. She explains, “I’d rather go together and not be without him! I’m sick of explaining myself.”

After speaking to Big Brother, Stephanie and Jeremy decide to stay in the detox clinic. She comments, “My life has been turned upside down by this programme.”

In the garden, after observing Tiffany’s reaction to nominations result, Gemma comments that she doesn’t want to speak to Tiffanyagain.

In the bedroom, John reminds Tiffany that the public vote for her, and that they are voting for her to stay.

In the detox clinic, Jeremy is comforting Stephanie, and tells her to ‘stop letting words hurt her’. She is still upset by Danniella’s comments.

In the bedroom, Danniella is talking to John, Gemma and Darren about Stephanie, “I don’t want her to fall apart in front of everyone, it’s not a good place, it’s hard to come back from. I feel so sorry for her, she’s so beautiful. I wish I had kept my mouth shut. I know along the way that people have tried to help me, and I’ve broken their hearts.”

In the detox clinic, Jeremy and Stephanie hug in bed, she tells him, “Thanks for looking after me.”

These scenes air from 9pm tonight on Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5.

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