Hollyoaks spoiler: Is Lindsey about to be exposed as the killer?

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As we have seen in previous episodes, Trevor was recently released from prison after evidence proving he was not guilty of the mass murders was destroyed.

But as we know, there has been a gloved hand killer on the loose and this week Trevor is arrested again.

Later on Lindsey is in a bit of a pickle when Celine tells her and Kim that the police are now certain that someone who works in the hospital is responsible for the Gloved Hand attacks. Celine then admits that she doesn’t have a good alibi for the latest attack and this influences Lindsey to take advantage of this and throw the police off track.

How far is Lindsey prepared to go to cover her tracks? Will the Gloved Hand killer finally be revealed?

This episode will air on Friday 5th February 2016 at 6;30pm on Channel 4.

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