EastEnders spoiler: Is it the end of Tamwar and Nancy’s relationship?

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With Tamwar and Nancy’s plans to start a restaurant business only just taking shape, it looks like it could be over before it’s even started, not just for their business plans but for there relationship too as it appears that mixing business with love is a no go!

Having recently succeeded in running the Queen Vic together, Nancy and Tamwar soon decide to go with the idea of running a pop up restaurant at the launderette.

Nancy is very positive about the idea when she quits her job at The Queen Vic, but Tamwar isn’t so keen about leaving his market job as he fails to quit.

Tamwar tries to explain to Nancy the reasons behind his decision not to quit his market job but he lets her down again as he walks out of their important launch night.

He receives an important call that therefore means he needs to be somewhere else but doesn’t tell Nancy where he is going and why he has to go.

After being left to fend for herself, Nancy starts to feel unwell and it results in her having an absence seizure. Tamwar later turns up at the Vic to check on Nancy but Mick tuns him away as he is disgusted with the way he has treated his daughter.

Nancy feels upset and embarrassed about the way Tamwar has treated her and struggles to forgive him as she needed him and he wasn’t there.

After some wise words from Tamwar’s sister Shabnam, Nancy decides to go and visit Tamwar. Is she going to end the relationship, or does she love him enough to forgive him?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday 2nd February and Thursday 4th February at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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