Emmerdale spoiler: Aaron reveals the truth about Gordon to his mum!

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Next week Aaron makes a bold move by revealing the truth about his dad Gordon to his mum Chas. He tells her everything about the sexual abuse he received from Gordon when he was a child.

When Aaron was 8 years old, he was sexually abused by Gordon and the only person he has opened up to about it is Robert.

Next week’s episode is going to be an emotional one as Aaron’s life faces heartbreak when he is kicked out of the Woolpack by his mum Chas as she blames him the breakdown in her relationship with Gordon.

Aaron is too distraught and heartbroken and finds it difficult to speak out and that influences Robert to step in and tell Chas that her son desperately needs her help right now.

After some thought, Chas decides she wants to spend some quality time with her son so she arranges a trip to the seaside and she is delighted when she manages to cheer Aaron up, but his childhood memories begin to haunt him and this makes him open up to his mum and tell her everything that Gordon did to him.

When Chas finally knows the truth, her world comes crashing down and Aaron doesn’t want anyone else to know – not even the police. But is this a good idea?

In a recent interview Danny Miller who plays Aaron said ”It’s the fact that Chas has threatened to kick Aaron out that makes him tell the truth. It’s like he’s gone back to his childhood and Chas is picking Aaron’s dad over him. It’s too much of a bad memory for him.”

Danny later explained in the interview how his mum Chas reacts. He said: ”It’s utter shock. If she hadn’t seen how distraught Aaron was, she probably wouldn’t have believed him. She trusted Gordon completely, but he’s betrayed that trust.”

Be prepared for tears and mixed emotions when this episode airs.Emmerdale will air Aaron and Chas’s emotional episode on Wednesday 3rd February at 7pm on ITV.

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