Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Chloe Wilburn

Chloe Wilburn’s column: “Has John always had this serial killer look?”

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“I’ve been so horny and moist” – ARGH! The most toe curling sentence I have ever heard in Big Brother history! When I thought things were looking bad for Stephanie she just opens her trap and makes it even worse!

The knickers thing mortified me! “We need to name and shame who ever these knickers belong to” – why on earth would John want to humiliate and embarrass anyone in that way?! It was utterly disgusting and I just can’t understand how a grown man of his age could have that kind of mentality to want to do that!

Similarly, I didn’t like how Gemma wouldn’t let Steph walk past her in the bedroom before Fridays eviction or Dannielle kicked off after the immunity weekend when a gift from home wasn’t even mentioned! Stephanie might be saying the ‘bully’ word about a bit too much and constantly declaring she’s only 22, but if I’m honest, she’s right!

The other housemates have got a feel for how disliked she is and I believe they are playing up to the public by being nasty to her. I don’t for one second agree with Steph’s behaviour in the house, she’s completely made a fool of herself and her boyfriend, but the nastiness in the house towards her is going too far now!

© Channel 5
© Channel 5


Did any of you notice that after Gemma and Danniella quit, AGAIN, Danniella came back in and apologised to certain individuals and Gemma just followed suit. Honestly Gemma is a weak person – mark my words. Behind all this bravado she’s not half as hard as she makes out. She’s like a pack animal.

She makes alliances with people so she’s got backup. She did it with Jonathan, then Megan and now Danniella. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried getting John on side next. I was a fan of Gemma before this and I hope before the show ends she changes my opinion, but for now I’ve gone right off her.

For any of you that watch TOWIE… do you thinks she’s treating Stephanie how she treats Ferne McCann? I detect some jealousy! And if I’m honest I think Gemma makes it pretty clear that she’s upset to have gotten into her 30’s and is still unmarried and childless – that’s why she has a problem with people younger than her. Just sayin’!

© Channel 5
© Channel 5


I think John Partridge will be rubbing his hands watching Gemma dig herself into a hole. He thought he was playing the public – heard the boos, shit his pants and now he’s watching Gemma play similar games hoping that she becomes even more disliked than him. Also, has John always had this serial killer look?

I’m sure when he was knocking Syed off in EastEnders he never looked this evil! The man freaks me out! When him and Tiffany were having that chat in the bathroom on Friday night I was half wanting her to knock that sly grin off his face! But, then again that would get my ‘Tiff’ booted out and I’m not having that!

I love the bromance with Scotty and ‘Jezza’ and it’s growing a lot stronger now Megan has left. The two kissing Tiffany had me in absolute stitches! She was giggling her head off like a 16 year old girl! Some things Tiffany does I believe are for effect, like telling Darren Day she thinks he’s sexy. But on the whole I think she genuinely is funny, sincere and very likeable. nfact I voted to save her last night!

I thought the Katie Hopkins / Perez Hilton series of Celebrity Big Brother could never be topped but hand on heart this series is my favourite one so far! As annoying and awful as I find some of the housemates, they are doing an amazing job of keeping the viewing public hooked!

Not sure what Gillian McKeith can bring to the show tonight… I’ve read that she’s going in there to lay down the law. If Gemma has zero respect for Big Brother and her fellow housemates then old Gill has got no hope!

Have a lovely week!

Chloe xx

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