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Will they or won’t they? CBB may be investigated by Ofcom

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It’s not really surprising that Celebrity Big Brother may be investigated by TV watchdog Ofcom, but the reasoning behind it may be…

In an episode that recently aired on Channel 5, viewers were left shocked, disgusted and horrified to see Stephanie Davis’ knickers with ‘crust’ featuring predominantly on that nights show.

It’s no lie that Stephanie Davis can be untidy and that housemates have been getting on to the Hollyoaks star over her tidiness issues, but John Partridge went out of his way to make an example of her.

“There’s pigeon shit in them,” said John while he picked the dirty knickers up and placed them on the table. Other housemates including Darren, Tiffany, Gemma and Megan were shocked to see the piece of unclean laundry.

Upset and embarrassed, Stephanie did eventually claim ownership of the unclean thong and claimed that housemates bullied her because of it.

Angry and upset viewers contacted the TV regulator Ofcom and they have confirmed that 165 complaints have been made to them about the Celebrity Big Brother episode.

They have said that they’ll asses the complaints and decide whether or not to take action and launch an investigation.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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