Fair City: This week (24th-28th January)

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Heather, sensing fault lines between Ama and Shane, turns up the heat. Orla, curious about Wayne’s newly upbeat mood, wonders what he’s plotting. Sash and Nina visit and Charlotte bristles. Caoimhe wavers after Bela makes an offer that stings Dean.

Shane has a close call with Ama, forcing him to rethink his situation. As Sash prepares to spread her mother’s ashes, Charlotte’s convinced Nina won’t show. Wayne tries to keep his wheeling and dealing under wraps, but things don’t go according to plan.

Heather makes a startling confession to Renee. Orla discovers Wayne’s secret. Sash, torn between Nina and family, has to make a choice.  Tensions rise between Caoimhe and Dean.

Heather is forced to take steps when Renee threatens to reveal the affair to Ama. Orla struggles to come to terms with Wayne’s actions. Nina gives Sash an ultimatum. Caoimhe and Dean reach an understanding.

These scenes air all this week on RTÉ ONE.

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