Emmerdale: Could Kirin’s career be in jeopardy?

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In tonight’s episode (25th January), kirin has to attend the dreaded meeting with a potential buyer.

The young businessman has arranged to meet up with a potential buyer for the factory but he doesn’t seem to show the qualities of a successful businessman as the buyer catches him asleep.

Kirin is struggling with fatherhood and trying to juggle dad duties with work is taking its toll on the young dad. But this may cost him a sale as he adds the figures up wrong and they don’t match what the buyer wanted.

The buyer also knows about Kirin’s recent drug charge and poor Kirin struggles to justify his actions. Could this be the end of the deal?

Can he really step up to the plate of being a father and a business man?

Emmerdale airs tonight (25th January) on ITV at 7pm.

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