Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Are Jeremy & Stephanie over?

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It seems the ‘friendship’ between Jeremy and Stephanie is now over and the pair have been ignoring each other in the house.

Jeremy tells John, “all I wanted her to do was say it to me up straight, and it’d be grand. Literally I don’t want it to go on in this house any longer. I’m sorry for everyone listening to it like.” He concludes “I feel like a tit” and John reassures him “now you’re the most eligible bachelor in Britain.”

Meanwhile, Stephanie is talking to Christopher about the situation: “I’ve stayed up all night and thought about it and I’m just not going to even speak to him now. There’s nothing to say. I’m not going to walk out because I’m not a quitter.”

Things get even more awkward for the pair when Big Brother calls all the housemates to the sofas and they’re the first to arrive. They both sit on other sofas and ignore each other.

Later on, Stephanie tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: “I’m not a bad person and I’d never do anything to hurt anyone intentionally. I’ve tried to get through the house the best way I’d hoped, but obviously I’ve been too close to Jeremy.” She then adds, “Jeremy means a lot to me and the last thing I’d want is for him to be upset.”

However, it’s clear that they can’t live in the house without each other as they start talking again in the garden. Awww.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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