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The Jump: The celebrities are taking on seven courses… See them here!

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The Jump is back in just a matter of weeks with twelve brand new celebrities who think they can beat the Austrian slopes and win the competition.

In order to accomplish this, they’ll have to complete seven difficult winter sports courses, including the dreaded Ski Jump. We’ve got all the courses they’re up against below.

Make sure you’re on Channel 4 Sunday, January 31st for the brand new series. We will be!


In this nerve-shredding event, competitors launch themselves onto a heavy metal sled and race face-first down a twisting ice track. With their chin just millimetres from the ice, and races won and lost by fractions of a second, the tiniest mistake could see the competitors come face-to-face with the jump-off.

Skeleton is also the blue-ribbon event in Team GB’s Winter Olympic arsenal. 2014 Skeleton World Cup and Olympic Gold medal winner Lizzy Yarnold, will be on hand to show the contestants how to set their fears aside for this bone-shaking ride.

Snow Cross

One of the most exciting winter sports innovations in recent years, snow skates are skis fused into the bottom of traditional ski boots. Lighter and more agile than skis, these skates mimic the action of ice skates for use on snow.

In this event, up to five competitors will go head-to-head in a no-holds-barred battle to reach the finish line first. But with a winding course including hairpin turns, jumps and obstacles to negotiate, simply getting the bottom will be enough to get the contestants’ hearts racing.

Kitted head-to-toe in ice-hockey gear, the celebs will launch themselves out of the start gate and endeavour to reach the finish line first. And with contact between racers par for the course, it won’t just be the obstacles trying to stop them finishing first!

Parallel Slalom

One of the most famous of all Alpine events, the slalom is a gruelling test of technical ability. The aim of the game is to dodge around the gates as quickly as possible, and complete the steep mountain course in the shortest time.

But in an exciting twist, the contestants will be going head-to-head on parallel courses, so anyone falling behind will be confronted with all the ground they need to make up.

While negotiating the course might seem doable, there’s a reason slalom skiing is one of the most feared of all winter events. It takes thighs of steel to keep to the racing line, and the slightest error or wayward turn will send the racers crashing off the course.


Just when the celebrities are getting comfortable on skis they’ll introduce a new challenge. One of the Winter Olympics most exciting freestyle sports, Moguls.

For some they inspire terror and others, excitement, but skiing moguls and doing it well requires practise and timing. Mogul skiing is all about balance, short turns, rhythm and being able to pick a line to ski. One of the biggest issues for many is balance – a bumpy slope can really throw off the balance of even an expert skier unless you practise hard and work at it.

The secret is to keep a relaxed upper body and absorb the bumps with your legs.

Ski Cross

Despite only being on the scene for a few years, ski cross has rapidly become one of the most popular of all winter events. Fast-paced, adrenaline-packed and unpredictable, ski cross sees a number of racers pitched against each other in an all-out battle to cross the finish line first.

Raced along a winding course comprising straight sprints, drops, rollers and banks, ski cross is one of the most unforgiving events the celebrities will be facing. One caught edge, mistimed turn or heavy collision could see any racer last to finish, and faced with the prospect of jumping for their survival in the show.

The Air Jump

If the Ski Jump is a long jump then think of The Air Jump as a high jump.

But this jump isn’t about the landing – it’s about the speeds reached on the in-run and the amount of height you are able to achieve. The aim is to get as much height as possible by jumping off the 4 ½ meter kicker and landing safely into a giant airbag.

It will take skill, daring and athleticism to successfully pop off the kicker and gain the air and height needed to stay in the competition.

Ski Jump

As the namesake of the show, the ski jump sets the bar ominously high in terms of sheer terror. Looking at the huge ramps from below is scary enough, but when the contestants are sat in the jump seat with the green light showing and no landing sight visible, even the most experienced skier will face rather more than niggling doubt.

This event is as simple as it is scary. The longest jump wins, and the loser packs their bags and heads for home. It takes nerves of steel to keep a steady head on the long ramp, while a strong take-off and perfect flight are crucial for a winning jump.

But as last year’s competitors showed, landing is the hardest part. Travelling at speeds of around 40kph, even the slightest wobble on landing could lead to a caught edge and a face-first crash down the icy outrun.

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