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Must watch: Adele & One Direction Carpool Karaoke!

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The Late Late Show has been throwing celebrities into a car and getting James himself to drive around with them in his Jeep. Who wouldn’t want to watch?

We’ve picked out the best two so far and it’s pretty obvious who we’ve chosen… While they’re in James’ car, they have a chat, and sing their songs, obviously.

We don’t know about you, but if we seen James Corden and Adele or One Direction drive past us blasting out their tunes, we’d go absolutely mental!

We’ve rounded up two of our favourites; Adele and One Direction. Adele shows us some new talents in her Carpool Karaoke video including that she can secretly rap and what she does when she’s drunk, important questions we’ve always wanted to know the answers to.

One Direction and James blast out some of the bands best tunes and also attract fans that hang out their car windows for them to photobomb their selfies.

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