Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Jeremy expresses his love for Stephanie and Scotty T isn’t happy…

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Tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother includes tears, tantrums and confrontation from face-to-face nominations, but it also contains love – yes, love!

Irish model Jeremy McConnell declares his love for Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis tonight and describes his experience with her as “another chapter” in his life.

In the bedroom, Jeremy and Stephanie are talking, Jeremy says: “I just embrace being with you. You fall in love and have a connection with people, it’s good to take it home and makes you stronger, it’s something we’re not going to do ever again.

“We’re on Celebrity Big Brother. We’ll look back at his and we fell in love on TV. Regardless what anyone says, that’s what happened with me. Another chapter of my life. When I look at you I want to look at you more.”

A teary Stephanie gets emotional by Jeremy’s words and the pair share a moment.

© Channel 5
© Channel 5

Elsewhere, Scotty T isn’t happy with the situation between the pair and tells Stephanie in the kitchen that it ‘p*sses him off’.

Stephanie gets upset with Scotty T because he’s brought the situation back up again.

These scenes air on Channel 5 at 9pm tonight.

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